Lansinoh 120 Disposable Breast Pads Double Pack (2 boxes of 60)

July 31, 2017 - Comment
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Helen Marks says:

Best disposable breast pads on the market These are by far the best brand of breast pads I have tried. They are a good size and have 2 sticky pads to hold them in place in your bra. They are very absorbent and the blue area acts like a gel to catch the moisture, a bit like a nappy, to prevent leaks. The only slightly weird thing is the way they are packaged, they are in little wrappers which you have to remove and then you have to unfold them, it’s not immediately obvious but the best way to do this is to pull it apart as if you are opening a crisp packet and then it will open up

Amazon Customer says:

Best out of the bunch I tried a few different brands before concluding that this is the best.Philip’s Avent: bulky- could be seen over the braMedela: not sticky and smallerTommee Tippee: scratchy & poorer in quality

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